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Discover Gran Canaria and its Treasures

El Roque Nublo
The Roque Nublo : One of the most impressive natural monument in Gran Canaria, sculptural remains of the extincted Volcano, with precipitous cliffs, spectacular panoramic views, 1813 meters above the sea level... just 35 km drive from Playa del Ingles.
The Dunes of Maspalomas
The Dunes of Maspalomas are famous all around the world; the sweet lines of the Gold Sand Dunes are shaped by the winds, and make us travel till a Sahara Desert diving in the Ocean ... Impressive Landscape guaranteed !
Playa del Ingles
Playe del Ingles, closed to Dunes of Maspalomas, is a great touristic resort, with a cosmopolitan and multicultural mix of people. All is made for having fun day and night, and quasi each month, you can find special events. Playa del Ingles is also famous for being a great Gay Spot, with its Prides, Festivals...
Mirador of Yeguas
An incredible viewpoint over Yeguas Valley, carved by lavaflows 12 millions years ago ..
Palmitos Park
It's very nice Touristic Park combinating : Zoo, Botanic Garden, Shows, with a special mention to the emotional Dolphines Show... the exotic bird show, the garden cactus...
Crater of Bandama
The biggest crater of the island, ..
Funny activities for children as well as aldults !!! ...
4 Puertas
This Megalithic Portal is Prehistoric Temple, caved directly in the rock. Below, you can visit a complex troglodith village ... a very special place ...
The Canarian Petra at Barranco de las Vacas
This Canyon is a beautiful canarian curiosity, and looks like a mini gran canyon or the multicolor Petra canyon, and it's easy to visit
Gui Gui Beach
GuiGui Beach is an almost unknown precious beach: quiet, most of the time nobody, and right in front : the view on Tenerife Volcan island; but it deserves : 500 meters difference in height...( 500 up + 500 down ) x 2 times...
Mirador del Molino - Dam of Parralillo
This impressive Viewpoint dives above 150m deep Steep Gorges: stunning landscape of steep cliffs and emerald waters...
Las Palmas
Las Palmas is the biggest town of the island, a true patchwork, with its Historic Monuments, its citycenter between Canteras beach and the Port with the cruising liners, its Gardens, the sculptures, and its Famous Carnival and Gala Drag Queen.. and so many exciting curosities... ( Needs several visits )
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Restaurants and Adresses

" MUNDO" International Restaurant , Avenida de Tirajana, 9, Edificio Tenesor, by Fernando,facebook page

" La Calma Chicha" Restaurant , mediterraneen cooking with oriental inspiration, avenida de Tirajana,4

" 360 o Panoramic Bohemian Restaurant, international cooking revisited by The Chief, av Estados Unidos,28

" Casita Canaria" Seaside Canarian Restaurant, canarian cooking, sea food, sympathic team, Anexo II

" Al Circo" Pizzeria, authentic italian cooking, Av. de Bonn, 23, local 3,+avenida de Tirajana, ground floor.

" Martel House " Restaurant , international cooking, steack house, CC Yumbo, 2nd floor

" La Candela" Restaurant , international cooking, CC Yumbo, 2nd floor

" Miramar" Restaurant , international cooking, CC Yumbo, 1st floor

" Jardin Canario" Restaurant , panoramic view over Canarian Botanic Garden "Viera y Clavijo", Tafira village

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" Freedom Festival " 2022 Wednesday the 7th of September till Sunday the 11th of September 2022, Yumbo

" Fetish Week " 2022 Friday the 7th of October till Sunday the 16th October 2022, CC Yumbo

" Walking Festival Gran Canaria" 2022 Thursday the 27th of October till Sunday the 30th October 2022

" Maspalomas Winter Pride 2022 and German Carnival " Monday the 7th of November till Sunday 13th of November , including the 11th of November at 11h11 , on the beach and in CC Yumbo

" New Year'Eve and St-Sylvester Night 2022/2023" Fireworks all around Yumbo PDI and on various beaches (Meloneras, Bahiafeliz) - This Top Saison also includes Christmas feast and Epiphany : from 23rd of December till 8th of January 2023.

" Las Palmas Carnival and Gala Drag Queen 2023" Friday the 10th of February till Sunday the 26th of Febryary 2023 ; Theme : Studio 54 Disco New York;-))) Preselection on attempt, and Gala on attempt;

" Maspalomas Carnival 2023" Thursday the 02nd of March till Sunday the 12th of March 2023 ;

" BearCarnival 2023" Saturday 18th of March till Sunday the 26th of March 2023

" Maspalomas Gay Pride 2023" Thursday the 04th of May till Sunday the 14th of May 2023 ; Parad on Saturday the 13th of May

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